NBA 2K17 Releases Hassan Whiteside’s Rating
NBA 2K17 Releases Hassan Whiteside’s Rating

The 2017 edition of NBA 2K17 started to leak some of their player ratings, including Hassan Whiteside, Marcus Smart, and Brandan Wright, among others.

What do you Think of Hassan Whiteside’s NBA 2K17 Player Rating?

Whiteside, who inked a max contract with the Miami Heat this offseason, was the highest rated of this new batch with a player rating of 85, a 1 point drop from last year. Some fans found it too low, given that Karl-Anthony Towns, the reigning Rookie of the Year and face of NBA 2K17’s mobile app, received an 88 yesterday. Buy NBA 2K17 MT in reliable online store!

“Rated lower than KAT, you guys don’t know basketball very well,” said one user on Twitter. “If Kat gets an 88 then Whiteside NBA 2K17 MT should have a 90 easily,” reasoned another. Others justified the decision, saying that Towns’ all-around skillset trumps Whiteside’s defense and shot-blocking ability. “Yeah cuz a guy who can only block shots and dunk is better than an all around centre,” said LeloCrolTA.

It is a little bizarre to see Whiteside’s rating drop despite his success last season, but we trust that 2K sports knows what it’s doing when it comes to NBA 2K17 player ratings.

Aside from him, Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart NBA 2K17 Coins Memphis Grizzlies forward Brandan Wright both received a 76 player rating.

Based on Ronnie 2K’s Twitter account, we should be seeing reveals for Kristaps Porzingis, Evan Fournier, Michael Conley Jr, Elfrid Payton and Al Horford soon.

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